What are Dia-Wipes?

Dia-Wipes are a wet wipe specifically designed to be used by people with Diabetes. Too often it is inconvenient to wash your hands before carrying out a Blood Glucose Test. Dia-Wipes are small, easily carried and will not affect your Blood Glucose Test Result.

What is in Dia-Wipes?

Dia-Wipes contain a simple solution of water and 0.9% Sodium Chloride – no alcohol, fragrance or other disinfectants to interfere with your Blood Glucose Testing.

Are they really finger wipes or a large wet wipe?
Measuring only 4.5cm x 7cm, Dia-Wipes are a true finger wipe, reducing wastage and the need to carry bulky individually packed wipes. They come in packs of 25 in a flow pack which will easily fit into any blood glucose testing kit.

Are they safe?

Of course, Dia-Wipes are manufactured in accordance with the strictest quality control procedures (ISO 9001).  This quality is ensured by the addition of the CE mark which ensures that Dia-Wipe meets the requirements ofEEC Directive 93/42/EEC. Dia-Wipes are produced to clean unbroken skin prior to a blood glucose test, if in doubt, please refer to the instructions on the packaging before use.

​Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We will ship to any country, postage is calculated on the weight of your order. Postage starts at £0.99 for the UK and £3.50 for the Rest of the World.